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  • Focus Groups
  • Individual Interviews
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Online Surveys

For the General Public

Our Paid Market Research Projects & Surveys take place in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby & South Derbyshire.

Patricia Turner recruits members of the public to take part in Paid Market Research Projects and Surveys.

Meet new people, share you opinions, help companies and organisations improve their products and services, and receive an incentive payment for your time and contribution.

It's a fun thing to do with a small amount of your spare time, and it's an opportunity to offer your opinions and help influence future products or services.

  • Focus Groups

  • Individual Interviews

  • Telephone Interviews

  • Online Surveys

Please check out our website. Then just Register Free online. Once registered we will email you directly when new projects are available.

Why Market Research

Market Reseach in the UK is a £2billion industry. Businesses and organisations use Market Research to find out what customers think and what they want. They conduct Market Research to keep up with market trends, to maintain a competitive edge and to ensure business objectives are being met. Market Research is vital to understanding current markets.

For Business Clients

Qualitative Market Research Recruiter

Patricia Turner offers reliable, professional and experienced Qualitative Market Research Recruitment based in Nottingham with an excellent respondent attendance rate, and close contact with the project manager throughout the whole recruitment process.

Focus Group Recruitment and much more.

Nottingham is a modern, vibrant and diverse location with a reliable and enthusiastic target population of approximately 1 million.

  • Focus Group Recruitment

  • Workshops Recruitment - up to 100

  • Mini Groups

  • Depths

  • Social

  • Children

  • Ethnography

  • Accompanied Shops

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