Terms & Conditions - General

  1. By registering with Patricia Turner, I give permission for my details to be held confidentially and securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (by Patricia Turner and any research company my details need supplying to), for the sole purpose of finding Paid Market Research projects for me to take part in.

  2. I agree to receive emails, phone calls or occasionally texts informing me of new paid Market Research projects.

  3. I accept that Patricia Turner can withdraw my registration should I breach any of the above.

  4. I understand that I can withdraw my registration from Patricia Turner at any time by sending an email including my name and the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject box. I can also withdraw my registration by texting or phoning Patricia Turner Market Research.

Terms & Conditions - Upon agreeing to take part in a project

  1. I agree to the Research or Fieldwork company (the company in charge of the project recruitment) calling, texting or emailing me to validate and confirm my application responses, and for those responses and my personal details to be passed on to the moderator/interviewer and to the client. Any personal details, responses, photos or videos will never be used for promotions, advertising or placed in the public domain; they are ONLY ever used for market research purposes.

  2. I agree to my personal details and responses being stored securely by the Research and/or Fieldwork company for up to 2 years for validation purposes.

  3. I will make every effort to attend/take part in the project and ensure I arrive/join-in on time. I understand and agree that if I arrive late for the project I may not be able to join the research and may not be paid

  4. I will notify Patricia Turner immediately if I find I cannot attend a project to allow Patricia Turner time to recruit a replacement.

  5. I agree to be recorded by audio and/or video for research purposes only. Any recordings would only ever be used for Market Research purposes.

  6. I agree to be viewed by one or more clients (at some venues this may be by using a one-way mirror).

  7. I agree to actively contribute to the research and give my honest views, opinions and experience.

  8. I agree to turn off my mobile phone during the research group/interview.

  9. I will respect the clients wishes regarding confidentiality of any new products, services or advertising.

  10. I will treat the moderator/interviewer and the market research staff with courtesy at all times.

  11. I agree to the Research or Fieldwork company contacting me by email or phone after the project has taken place to follow up on ideas generated during the project. I understand I would only be contacted if strictly necessary and only in connection with the specific project I had taken part in.

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